Dragonfly Drawings the Easy Way!

dragonfly drawings final

Dragonfly drawings have been requested on the site for a while, so it's time to add this popular cartoon critter. Follow along and learn how to make your own cartoon dragonfly.

dragonfly drawings st1


STEP-1: The Head and Eyes
Make a large circle and then two smaller circles on top of it. The smaller circles should be about half the size of the larger one.

To get the right placement of these smaller circles please refer to the example image.

One small circle will be a little off centre at the top half of the head circle, while the other one will be a little lower down on the right side of the head circle.


dragonfly drawings st2STEP-2: Drawing the Body Shape
Here you will be making the rest of the body structure, but first delete the extra lines from the eyes, so the face and the eyes shape become clear.

Once that is done, draw an oval overlapping the head in the area towards the lower left side of the head. Then towards the left of the oval you just made, make another elongated oval for the lower body of the dragonfly. This oval is almost like a chili pepper shape.

dragonfly drawings st3STEP-3: Finishing the Face
To make the eyes, first make a curve on the inside of each of the two circles that you have drawn for the eyes. In the left eye the curve will be in the top half of the circle, while in the right eye the curve will be in the lower part of the circle.

Take a look at the example to make sure that the eyes of your dragonfly drawings are matching up with what you see here. Finish up the eyes with a tiny oval in both the eyes for the eyeball.

To make the mouth of the dragonfly, draw a line starting from the lower part of the face that curves up slightly when it reaches the other end of the face to give a little smile.

That's all there is to it for making the face of your cartoon dragonfly. The last thing to do for this step is to erase the extra line from the body where the two ovals overlap.

dragonfly drawings st4STEP-4: The Antennae and the Legs
Start making the antennae of the dragonfly by drawing a line coming outwards from the point of the right eye and the head. As the lines move away from the face they should curve slightly downward and end with a tiny oval.

Next you must come down to the body which is divided into 2 parts. The part that is closest to the head will be divided with just one line, while the other body part four curved lines running through it, dividing it equally.

Move your attention back up to the part of the body nearest to the head and make two tiny triangles on the right side for the legs of the dragonfly.

dragonfly drawings st5STEP-5: The Wings
How are you cartoon dragonfly drawings coming along? Are you ready to finish your creation?

To make the wings, start at the place along the top of the body where it meets the head and draw two lines moving outward away from the dragonfly. These two lines curve outward and then meet up in a point to make the first wing.

From the same point take out two more lines that again curve out and end in a point, only this wing will be much smaller.

The other wing is also done and your adorable cartoon dragonfly is complete!

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