Christmas Tree Drawing
Made as Simple as 1-2-3

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Christmas tree drawing is a snap when we break it down into simple and easy steps. Follow through the next 5 steps to drawing these trees like a pro. Pictures like these would make great Christmas cards or even gifts. I've often given drawings as presents - they're a one of a kind gift that came directly from you. It's hard to find a more personal gift than something you create with your own hands. Enough about presents! Let's get to the drawing.

xmas tree drawing st1Step 1:
Create the shape of the tree. This is made by putting a bunch of curve shapes together. You can make the left and right side of the tree different if you'd like - it's up to you.

Start from the point at the top and work downward. Make your curves get a little bigger as you move down. The bottom of the tree should be thicker than the top. If you get this step wrong your tree is going to look pretty funny! Follow along with the image.

At the bottom of the tree draw the trunk. It's just two lines going up-and-down and then a curve line that connects them. It's important to draw the bottom of the trunk with a curve instead of a straight line because it will show the roundness of the trunk on your Christmas tree drawing.

christmas tree drawing 2

Step 2:
It doesn't get much easier than this. Draw a star on top of the tree. That's it.

You'll notice that my star doesn't look very perfect up on top of the Christmas tree drawing. Don't worry if yours doesn't look perfect either. I like my star - I like to think that it has more character than something that was created in a perfect way.

Let's move on to the next step.


christmas tree drawing st3

Step 3:
Let's add some details. The trunk of our Christmas tree drawing needs some lines to show that it's made of wood. These detail lines should be pretty straight, but not perfectly straight. Mother Nature doesn't make too many things that I would call 'perfect' - everything has its own little differences and so should the lines of your trunk.

Add in some curved lines that swoop across the tree. These will make the tinsel that's wrapped around the tree.

You might want to create the hanging balls of the tree first before you create the tinsel. It's really up to you. To me I think I can get smoother looking lines if I don't have to worry about the balls at this step.

xmas tree drawing st4
Step 4:
Now this is really starting to look like a Christmas tree drawing! Don't you agree?

Add in some circles to make those decorative little balls that hang off of every Christmas tree I've ever seen.

One thing to notice in this step is that the circles in the 'inside' of the tree are just circles - easy. The circles that are outside of the main tree shape - those have a little line attaching them to the tree. Add a line to connect the tree and ball or else they will just be floating in space, and we don't want that.


christmas tree drawing st5

Step 5:
As a last optional step we'll add in some presents. These are drawn with quick one point perspective techniques. If you are not familiar with perspective, now might be the perfect time to learn.

The shapes are really simple here - box, and cylinder. Once I have drawn the basic shape of the objects then I will add in some more lines to create the ribbons like the colored example at the top of this page. Feel free to go wild here and add in any kind of funky present shape you can imagine.T

hat's it for this step by step Christmas tree drawing tutorial. Happy Holidays! Don't forget to check out the cartoon Santa drawing tutorial for another Christmas theme lesson.


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