Learn to Draw a Cartoon Wolf

cartoon wolf finished drawing

This angry cartoon wolf drawing can be started with very few simple lines and some basic shapes. Grab your drawing tool of choice, for me that will be a mechanical pencil, and let's get going!

cartoon wolf st1

Step 1 - The Head, Nose and Chest
Make one big circle for the head and then another smaller one directly underneath it for the body. The body circle should overlap the head circle like shown in the sketch. Then place the two slightly-curved lines on top of the bigger circle to create the shape and placement of the ears.

After that comes the muzzle or nose shape...
Make one curved line starting from the head circle and extending out from the circle towards the right. Then draw another curved line that starts from the point where the two circles overlap and goes up to join the other muzzle line.


cartoon wolf st2Step 2 - The Body and Some Small Details
Add another circle to make the lower part of the wolf's body. This circle is about the same size as the head and should be place lower and a little to the side of the first circle you made for the body in step one. Join this new circle with other small circle with slightly curving lines so that the shape of the body looks almost like a bean.

We come now to the shape of the ears, add the two curved lines each like shown in the sketch to finish them off. Make a little rounded triangle on top of the muzzle to give the shape of the nose and then draw a little line running down, like shown.


cartoon wolf st3

Step 3
First off, you will want to erase any of the extra lines in the face circle. Then add a curved line to the lower part of the face to create the shape of the mouth. He might look like he's smiling right now, but once you add the teeth in you will get that angry cartoon wolf look that you are going for!

Now extend three slightly curved lines from the top of the body and extend downward. These lines will make the front paws in the next step.

Next we come to the placement of the tail. To start off draw two curved lines going up with a little cut near the top. We'll draw the fur in the next step, so don't press too hard with your pencil or you will have problems erasing the tail.

To start drawing the hind leg, draw another elongated circle just like the example where the lower circle of the body is. After that extend the paw from below it with a flat curved line.

cartoon wolf st4Step 4 - Final Details
In this last step first remove all the extra lines within the figure and then draw the fur for the tail as well as the neck area below the face. Make some more fur along the cheeks and on the top of the head.

Add the two circles showing the eyes above the muzzle along with the eyebrows, which are just simple rectangles. The teeth are easy to draw. Just add a zigzag line that moves through the mouth area like in the example. This will give our cartoon wolf a nice angry expression. Finish off the muzzle by drawing dots of varying sizes near the nose.

Finally we come to the front legs and make the paws along with the big, sharp claws. Add another line parallel to the hind paw to make the other back paw on the far side of the wolf's body. That's it! Be proud of your new angry wolf drawing!

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