How to Draw Cartoon Stars with Style!

cartoon stars finished drawing

cartoon stars step 1
Cartoon stars are easy to draw. It seems that everyone and their mother can draw a star, but this particular star is a bit different. He's got style, and he's got moxie. This pretty little star is extremely easy to make and you can learn how to draw it with just a few lines.

Step 1

Make a C shape. It should be a slightly tilted C so that it seems as though it's lying down face up!!

cartoon stars step 2


Step 2

Now make another C joining the earlier one. What you should have now should look like a slightly tilted crescent moon.

cartoon stars step 3

Step 3

Add two curved lines in the lower part of the moon with some space between them. They should be curving outward, like shown in the step three cartoon stars drawing example.

Now join them with an upside down curving V.

cartoon stars step 4


Step 4

Let's now go to the upper part of the moon in the middle and make a simple triangle with curved lines to form the top of the star drawing.

cartoon stars step 5


Step 5

In this step add a little droop to the top of the star, as in the top part of the star is folded slightly, this is again achieved with simple two lines that are curved from the top part of the star.

cartoon stars step 6

Step 6

The basic shape of the little star has been completed. Please see the example and erase out all the extra lines so that you get the clear shape of the star shape.

After that add the two small circles for the eyes and within those, draw two smaller circles for the white dots.

Inverted curves will work for the eyebrows and now you can make the triangle with curving lines that will complete the mouth. Then add another smaller round shape within the mouth for the tongue and you have the cute expression of the star done!!

That's all there is to it for a cartoon drawing of a star. The little star of yours is complete. I hope you like it.

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