Cute and Cuddly
Cartoon Panda Drawing

Cartoon panda drawings should be cute, so we'll use a lot of simple round shapes. Drawing Roses that look great isn't difficult, but it will take a little attention to detail. Apart from that it's as simple as putting your pencil to the page. Let's get to it.

drawing pandas step 1





Step 1:
Draw a circle to start the head. The circle should be slightly egg shaped. Next draw an upside down egg near the middle of the head to make the nose. This egg isn't as round as the head shape. It should be a little more like a triangle, but remember to keep it round.

Next draw a circle under the nose to make the mouth area. Draw two lines down from the middle of the nose into the mouth. Put a little curve on the end of each of these lines. Let's make the eyes of your cartoon panda drawing and step 1 will be finished. Draw two horizontal lines to make the top of the eyes, and then under those lines draw a curve to make the bottom of the eye.

cartoon panda drawing step 2

Step 2:
Start off by finishing the head of the cartoon panda drawing. Add on the ears and draw two circles that go around the eyes. These eye circles should start at the top of the nose, go around the eye, and then finish at the curve of the mouth area.

Now let's draw the feet. Think of them as big "U" shapes that are slightly at an angle. Draw another shape the same as the foot, but a little smaller and inside the first larger "U" shape. This will be the foot pad. Create some lines that will make the bottom of the leg and connect the foot to the body. Remember to draw lightly so that you can erase your lines later if you want.

panda drawing step 3

Step 3:
Add in 3 circles to make the toe pads on the foot of our cartoon panda drawing. Connect the two feet with a curved line that will be the bottom of the panda.

To make the arms, first draw a curved line connecting the head and the foot. Then lightly draw two ball shapes to make the hands. I wanted him to look like his hands were resting on his legs. Next, draw lines to finish off the arms and connect them to the curve that you just drew between the head and the body. In the final step we'll color the arms, legs and feet black so that's why I made the arms and legs closed shapes. The basic cartoon panda drawing is done now except for one final detail - a bamboo plant to chew on.

cartoon panda drawing step 4

Step 4:
Bamboo is like a cylinder shape that has some leaves coming off of it. Draw two curved lined from the hand into the corner of the mouth to make the middle of the bamboo. Next, draw two sharp leaves coming off of this top part of the bamboo.

To make the bottom of the bamboo, draw 3 leaves coming out from the bottom of the panda's hand. We're all done drawing, let's color this panda!

cartoon panda drawing step 5

Step 5:
Pandas have black ears, eyes, hands and feet. The rest of this big bear is white. I colored in the bamboo plant green here, and also added in little black eyes. That's it for this cartoon panda drawing lesson. Give yourself a pat on the back!

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