Draw a Quirky Cartoon Manatee

cartoon manatee drawing

cartoon manatee drawing step 1

This sweet cartoon manatee is quite easy to make and you can make it with very few lines and some basic shapes.

Step 1 - Start with a Circle
Start off your drawing with a circle. Seems very basic, but don't underestimate how useful a circle can be to create the basic underlying shapes for almost any kind of cartoon character, be it an cartoon animal or a cartoon person.

cartoon manatee drawing step 2

Step 2 - Drawing the Body
Please see in the example image and draw two curving lines starting from the sides of the circle and join them in a point towards the right.  Take care to make sure that the size and the shape of the curving lines follow the example as close as possible.

Next add a little shape kind of like an oval to the end of the two curved lines that you just drew to finish off the major shape of the tail.

cartoon manatee drawing step 3Step 3 - Adding Details
Now go back to the initial first circle of the face and in the centre of that circle make an oval which will be where you will be placing the mouth and the nose of the manatee in a later step.

Also below the face, in the lower portion of the body add another curved line to create the cartoon manatee's hand or rather fin.

cartoon manatee drawing step 4

Step 4 - Cleaning Up the Drawing

First go to the tail of the manatee and add three lines to it.

Next you'll tackle the face and add two little ovals above the mouth area for the two eyes. Then add another little oval for the cheek.

Finish off this step by erasing the extra bit from the circle that you drew in the beginning for the head and add some curved lines for the other fin and the basic shape of the manatee is complete.

cartoon manatee drawing step 5Step 5 - The Final Step
In this final step we add the curved lines for the eyebrows and the little circles in the eyes for the highlights. That's it to finish off the eyes.

Complete this step by moving to the bigger oval within the face and add two curving lines for the nostrils and further two semi circles for the mouth of the manatee.
Alright - that's it for this cartoon manatee drawing lesson - come back again!

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