Drawing a Cartoon Lion,
King of the Cartoon Jungle

cartoon lion final

cartoon lion st1This cartoon lion is really easy to draw so let's not waste any time and get right into this. Remember to draw lightly so if you need to erase something later it will easily come off the page.

Step 1 - The Head and Body

The head is an oval shape that is stretched a little bit from top to bottom. The body is just two curved lines connected by a straight line along the bottom. Notice that the head is wider than the body and this is because we'll be adding a big mane to the lion.

cartoon lion st2

Step 2 - Ears, Nose, Tail and Details

First add two curves for the ears. The right ear is a little jagged along the top while the left ear is smooth. Once you have finished with the ears, go ahead and roughen up the lion's mane.

Add a small rounded upside down triangle near the middle of the head for the nose. Notice that its placement is slightly off center which will help add some depth to the cartoon lion's face.

Draw the tail as it appears in the step to picture. See how the tail looks like it curves around the body?

cartoon lion st3Step 3 - The Mouth and Ears

Start at the bottom of the nose and draw a line downward. Draw a curve on both sides of this line to make the top of the mouth. Notice that one of the curves continues up right until it meets with the side of the nose.

Draw a curve to make the bottom of the mouth and then add two curves above the nose. These last curves will be the starting point of the eyes which you will draw the next step.

Draw the inside of the ears as they appear in the example image.
cartoon lion st4

Step 4 - Finishing Off the Head Area

This is an easy step. Draw the eyes as they appear in the example image to the right and then make some whiskers along both sides of the mouth.

Draw some zigzag lines to the chest, just under the part where the lion's mane connects to the body.

cartoon lion st5
Step 5 -- Legs and Feet

Make a line coming down from the chest that you drew at the end of the last step to define the middle of the legs.

The feet are really simple - there are only three toes on each foot and the drawing bumps out at the top and bottom for each toe. Look closely at the drawing if this is not clear and copy it exactly.

Add one small curved line to the top of left foot to indicate the back leg a little bit.

Now that you're finished you might want to color this king of the jungle or add some speech or thought balloons to him so you can see what he's thinking - it's up to you.

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