Learning How to Draw
Funny Cartoon Horses

cartoon horses drawing

Learn how to draw cartoon horses in just four simple steps. Grab your pencil and paper and let’s dive right into this lesson!

cartoon horses st1Step One
Start off by drawing a large bean shape that will make up the body of the horse. Notice that the back part of the bean which will make the back side of the horse is larger than the front part of the bean which will create the neck. Try to make your shapes look similar to the example in step one.

From the front of the bean on the left side, draw another curve to begin manking the horse’s neck. Remember as always to draw lightly so that these guide lines can be erased later on once we are finished with them.

cartoon horses st2

Step Two
It may look like there is a lot happening here, but don’t freak out! We’ll take it one part at a time and walk through it. Start by adding the front and back legs to the horse. Remember that the back legs of a real horse are bigger and stronger than the front ones, so our cartoon should also keep this detail. The legs should be drawn in naturally in the front and back of the bean we drew in the first step.

Cartoon horses, like real horses all need tails. Just start the curve of the tail off for right now and then we’ll come back to it in the next step. If you aren’t crazy about the style of the tail you see here, then go ahead and feel free to change it up. You can always fix it late as well once you have drawn more details in.

Add a blocky “U” shape to the top of the bean to start off what will eventually become a saddle on the horse’s back. By blocky I mean that it has slightly sharp edges and an angular shape.

Lastly add another curve to form the top part of the head. Follow the shape in the example and don’t miss the slight curve along the bottom of this shape because it will show that the horse is smiling.

cartoon horses st3Step Three
Add a slight curve to the top of the back leg to give it some more definition. Erase the parts of the bean body so that the legs and neck connect nicely with the main part of the body.

Add in the bottom curve to finish off the tail, and add in the small details to the saddle to make it look more interesting. Create a small curve on the top of the saddle and a little rectangle at the bottom.

The last thing to do in this step is to add some more details to the head. First draw in the new shapes that you see in step 3 for the ear, the teeth and the lower jaw. Once you have drawn those, erase any extra bits of the neck that you made in step 1 that are overlapping these new details. By this time I hope you’re starting to see that learning how to draw cartoon horses may not be as difficult as you thought!

cartoon horses st4Step Four – Finishing Up
Start off by adding some small curves to make the horse’s hooves on the bottom of his legs. Then add 2 more curved lines to finish off the strap that will hold the saddle in place.

Next, add in the hair to form the horse’s mane. Draw this hair before you try to draw in the other details of the face, because aside from the ear we drew earlier, the hair should overlap some of the other details like the ear and eye on the far side of the head.

Once the hair is drawn, then draw in the other ear with a simple curve, and add two black dots for the eyes. The horse’s nose is easy – just add a circle for each nostril and then put a dot in the middle of it.

Finish off this drawing by adding in lines to make the teeth and you have just finished learning how to draw a cartoon horse.

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