Learn to Draw Cartoon Hearts

cartoon hearts finished drawing

Cartoon hearts can be a very useful thing to draw when Valentine's Day is right around the corner. They also come in handy for a lot of different uses and because they're so easy to draw there's really no excuse not to be able to draw a cute looking heart.

cartoon hearts step 1

Step 1
Start off by drawing a "C" shape. Notice that it curls a lot more at the top than a usual "C" that you would make when you are writing. I find that when drawing hearts it's better to create them like this drawing one side first and then the other. Usually it is best to start at the top and curl down to the bottom, rather than trying to draw from the bottom point and then curl up to the top.


cartoon hearts step 2

Step 2
Finish off the other side of the heart. This is just another curve, but notice how it curves back on itself as it gets down towards the bottom. If you find this shape hard to draw, think about how you make a question mark when you are writing. In other words, if you can draw a "?" then you shouldn't have any trouble making this curve.


cartoon hearts step 3

Step 3
Add in two ovals for eyes and a pointy little nose. The whole design of this heart is about simplicity, so even though you can change the style of the eyes or nose, there really isn't any need to do so. If you have trouble drawing the nose as one stroke, try breaking it up into 3 individual lines and drawing them each separately.

cartoon hearts Step 4

Step 4
Finish off this lesson on how to draw cartoon hearts by adding a curve for the mouth, some eyebrows, and some dimples on the cheeks. These are all simple shapes. Don't forget to add the little line at the edge of the mouth – once you have this added in the mouth will look almost like a "J" shape.

If you want you can take this basic form and modify any of the parts to come up with new and different variations of cartoon hearts. It's up to you and your imagination with how far you can take your drawings so keep practicing and keep experimenting.

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