Drawing Quick and Easy
Cartoon Frogs


Cartoon frogs are easy to draw. All you'll need is a pencil and this four step set of instructions. Cartoon animals don't have to be perfect and can be a lot of fun, especially for beginners, so let's start on the frog now.

cartoon frogs step 1Step One: The Body
The body is the base of your frog drawing. It is also the easiest part to draw. Get ready - you may have difficulty following the instruction! Here it is: draw an oval. That's it. That's the entire body of the frog and the only instructions for step one. Are you gaining confidence yet?



cartoon frogs step 2 Step Two: The Legs
While not as simple as the body, the legs of this cartoon critter are easy-to-draw as well. We're going to reference two points on your oval to draw the legs: the right center point on the oval and the left center point on the oval. Just above these points, you are going to draw what looks like an "A" frame of a house.

Now, here's the kicker - it has to be at an angle, maybe about 30 degrees, and the side not touching the oval needs to come down even with the bottom of the oval. Those are the back legs.

For the front legs, you are going to draw two "L" shapes, starting just below the center of the sides of the oval. The one on the right will be backward, and the "long" part of the L will almost touch the outsides of the "A" you drew. Then, the bottom of the L will be long, and should point in towards the center.

cartoon frogs step 3

Step Three: The Cartoon Frog's Front and Back Feet
To make the front feet, you need to draw another "L" shape inside each of the existing ones at the same angle, then connect the two at the bottom with three pointy toes (think of this as a "W" attached to a "V" to help you out here).

For the back legs, draw a line right through the center of the "A" from step three, starting from the frong leg and moving up about ¾ of the way. This gives cartoon frogs long legs and bendy knees. Your feet are going to look like knife blades, sticking out to the left and right at the bottom of the back leg. It might sound complicated, but if you look closely at the drawing I think you'll find that it's not hard at all.

cartoon frogs step 4

Step Four: The Face
Okay, if you thought the body for cartoon frogs was easy, wait till you hear about the face! Are you ready? Right across the vertical center of the oval, you're going to draw two very small circles, far apart so that they are closer to the sides of the oval than each other. You can offset them a bit to make your cartoon frog's eyes look a little goofy. Below that, draw a crooked arc almost all the way across the oval, curving up in a lazy smile.

That's all there is to drawing cartoon frogs. It couldn't get any easier. Click back on the Cartoon Animals page for more of these step by step cartoon drawings, but first, color your frog before he jumps off your page!

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