How to Draw Cartoon Elephants

cartoon bear drawing

Drawing funny cartoon elephants like this one are pretty simple. The main shapes are really easy to draw so it shouldn't matter what level of experience you are at you can totally draw this cartoon animal without a hitch.

cartoon elephants step1

Step 1 - Making the basic body shape

Start by making a big circle that's slightly oval. Next, make a slightly "J" shaped line curving out from the inside of the circle.

Then make another curving line that starts from the outer part of the circle and runs parallel to the earlier one and then join them up. This will constitute the trunk of the elephant.

cartoon elephants step2

Step 2 - Create the trunk and the feet

Now go to the point where the trunk's lower line meets the circle and make a small line curving up to make the mouth. After that draw another line going lower down from the mouth you just created and then coming out from the bottom to make the front feet.

You're well on your way to learning how to draw cartoon elephants! Keep going! After some space (as shown in the example) make the other little leg and make a line joining up to the circle to finish the lower body of the elephant.

cartoon elephants step3
Step 3 - The ears and tail

Start off by erasing all of the extra lines in the body. You should follow the example so you don't erase the wrong lines! Then add two more little legs near the other two already made in the last step. All the four legs are now made.

Now add a small curving tail at the hind part of the elephant-as shown and finish off the step with a large bell-like shape in the middle of the body for the ear.

cartoon elephants step4

Step 4 - Adding the tusk and eye

Everyone knows that cartoon elephants need to have tusks and that's exactly what you're going to make in this step. Just above the curve of the mouth make two curved lines jutting out and joining together in a point.

Next make a small circle with a smaller dot inside for the single eye. Above that and at an angle make a line to denote the eyebrows. The expression of the elephant is complete

It doesn't matter if you're doing cartoon elephants or any other cartoon animal, usually a simple circle is all that you'll need for your character.

cartoon elephants step5
Step 5 - Adding the final touches

In this step you must erase the extra lines within the elephant's tusk and add a small oval near the eye to mark the elephant's cheek.

Just where the trunk of the elephant ends make a couple of curving lines as shown in the example to make the drops of water splashing out from his trunk and you're completely finished learning how to draw cartoon elephants!


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