This Cartoon Elephant Wouldn't Hurt a Fly

cartoon elephant final

cartoon elephant st1This big blue cartoon elephant is a lot easier to draw than he might appear to be. Remember to draw lightly as you go through the steps from creating simple shapes in the beginning to adding more and more detail later on. Drawing lightly will let you easily erase any mistakes that you may make.

Step 1 - Circles

First you want to get the main shape of the character. Draw two ovals, one inside the other for the body and head. Add two circles inside the smaller oval that you drew for the head. These circles will make the simple eyes of the cartoon elephant.

cartoon elephant st2

Step 2 - Ears and Legs

Draw two big shapes on both sides of the head for the large elephant ears. Look closely at the example image and try to make the ears look like the ones in the picture. Erase the sides of the head where the ears have connected.

Add two long, flat triangles on top of the eyes for eyebrows. They should be slanting up towards the middle so that the elephant looks friendly and harmless.

Now make two lines that come down from the big body oval along the sides. These lines will make the outside of the back right leg and the front left leg which we will finish off in the next step.

cartoon elephant st3Step 3 - Legs, Tail, Tusks and Trunk

Start off this step by drawing two rounded triangles on the lower part of each side of the face to make the tusks.

Now draw in the tail on the back of the elephant with some curved lines.

This step might seem a little bit confusing because most of the body oval that we drew in step one has been erased. Don't let that freak you out. First I would suggest that you draw the front right leg. To make this leg draw a curve that comes down from the right ear. Now draw a straight line in between the two front legs. Connect the bottom of the legs with a slightly curved line for each leg.

Don't forget to add the diagonal oval shape because it's important and will be the end of the trunk.

cartoon elephant st4Step 4 - Finishing Up

The biggest detail to add in this step is the trunk which is really just two curved lines that go from the middle of the face and connect to the end of the trunk that you drew in the previous step.

Add a little bit of hair to the end of the tail.

That's it for the main body of the cartoon elephant, so now let's go in and finish it up with some detailing. Make two little dots for the eyeballs, and then add some curved lines to the trunk. Make some holes at the end of the trunk so that the elephant can breathe.

Add curves to the bottom of the feet to make the toes and add a spiral design to the knee area to make them a little bit more interesting. Congratulations you are finished!

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