How to Draw Cartoon Ducks

cartoon ducks final drawing

Drawing plump cartoon ducks is no sweat to draw if you can already draw circles and ovals. We'll use a bunch of circles and ovals along with a few other easy shapes to create our wacky quacker in this step by step drawing lesson.

cartoon ducks st1Step 1 - Body and Head
Start off by drawing an upright oval for the duck's head, and below that a much larger oval on its side for the body. If you want to create something really wacky, try placing the circles a little further apart. Remember that you can always experiment and play with these drawing lessons to create new interesting variations.


cartoon ducks st2



Step 2 - Feet & Tail Feathers
We'll rough in the duck's feet with two squashed ovals and come back a later to add a little more detail. A simple and rounded inverted "V" makes the tail. At this point the body looks a little like a teapot – can you see it?


cartoon ducks st3


Step 3 - Beak, Neck, Legs and Wing
The duck's beak is probably the most difficult part of this drawing. It looks a little like a side view of a rounded shoe. The duck's beak is basically just a curved oval shape with a bump at the top center. The wing is made by drawing an egg shape, and with just a few straight lines you can add a neck and two legs.

We now have the basic shape of the cartoon duck and all that is left to do is to add some details to these simple shapes we have created.


cartoon ducks st4

Step 4 - Final Details
We'll use some short, curved lines to add some texture and detail to the duck's wing and chest area. Two ovals, with much smaller filled ovals inside them, make the duck's eyes. Add another curve on the other wide of the duck's body to show where his other wing would be.

Add a smile to the beak with a curved line, and a little dimple on the end. Don't forget to add a little nostril to his beak as well so that he can breathe!

A filled square adds a "ring" to the duck's neck. And finally, make the duck's feet "webbed" with three curved bumps on the front end. If you have any problems drawing these shapes remember to draw lightly until you find the correct lines that look good to you.

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