A Cartoon Duck Ready to Swim

cartoon duck final

cartoon duck st1This cartoon duck will probably remind you of the little rubber duck that you might have had as a child and was a popular bath time toy.

Step 1 - Body Circles

First off start by drawing one perfect circle for the head and one oval for the body. If you have a coin or a cup it might be handy to trace around that to get your perfect circle for the head. Don't worry if you can't draw prefect circles or ovals – just do your best and draw lightly as you'll be modifying the body in the next step.


cartoon duck st2

Step 2 - Ears and Legs

Start off by adding two egg shapes to the front of the duck's head to start the shape for the duck's bill or beak. You'll notice that the body of the duck has changed from the oval shape that we had in the first step. If you're scratching your head wondering how we went from a circle to what you are looking at now, look closely at the upper back part of the body. That part has slightly changed, but the rest of the oval, or the curve that goes from the tail feathers, along the stomach and around to the neck is still exactly the same as the oval.

The last part that you need to draw is a second oval to show where the wing will be.

cartoon duck st3


Step 3 - Legs, Tail, Tusks and Trunk

This step is a really easy one. Add one perfect circle to the head to make the eye. Then add two more ovals to the back of the wing. Draw lightly so that you can erase unwanted details later on. You're almost finished, so let's move on to the last step.


cartoon duck st4Step 4 - Finishing Up

Finish off the drawing by adding a second circle inside the eye to make the dark pupil of the eye. You can also add a little highlight to it as well if you like. The beak, or bill of the cartoon duck will also get changed here. Before we had very rounded shapes, but now where the top and bottom parts of the beak meet you can see that they come to a point.

Lastly, the two ovals that you drew in the last step on the wing should be combined with a little bit of eraser work to get a more interesting wing shape.

That's it – you're all finished drawing your cartoon duck!

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