Step by Step Cartoon
Drawing of a Skull

Cartoon Skulls

When you are creating a cartoon drawing of a skull the very first thing you should do is find yourself some pictures of skulls that you can use as reference. Again, I can't stress enough the importance of having good reference.

To save some time I've drawn out some skulls here for you to use. To start your cartoon skull draw a circle to form the top of the skull.

Next, draw 2 little bumps along the lower-side part of the right and left side of the circle . These bumps are the cheek bones which will attach to the top of the upper row of teeth.

Speaking of the upper row of teeth - draw a line downward from each of the bumps and then attach them with a horizontal line forming the upper row of teeth. Because this is a cartoon drawing of a skull and not a realistic drawing, I'm not worried about having accurate teeth.

There are two different ways that I usually draw teeth, one is square teeth, and the other is bell-shaped teeth. Choose whichever you'd like.

Now we have the upper part of the skull shape finished, so lets go in and draw the eyes and the nose. The nose looks sort of like an upside down heart-shape.

For the eye I start with the upper eyelid and draw from the outer lid in towards the middle. This drawing is going to have 'cat-like' eyes. Feel free to draw circular eyes if you'd like. Remember to always experiment and try different things. If you are trying things out, draw very lightly so that you can really easily erase your lines later once you find a look that you are happy with.

Let's finish up this cartoon skull by drawing the lower jaw. There are two ways to do this. One way is to have the lower jaw extend from the bottom of the teeth. The other way is to extend another set of lines downward from the bumps on the side of the jaw similarly to how a real skull is constructed. Draw in the teeth on the bottom of the jaw and you have yourself a fine looking cartoon drawing of a skull.

UPDATE! I just added a bunch more cool cartoon skulls to the site!

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