Funny Cartoon Drawing of a Sheep

cartoon sheep

Let's dive right into the cartoon drawing of a sheep step-by-step guide. Don't forget to draw lightly so that you can easily erase any mistakes you make along the way!

Step 1 - Basic Shapes
step 1Start off with a circle. If you've done some of the other tutorials you should really be getting used to starting your drawing off this way. If you're having some problems drawing a circle that looks good get a coin or a lid and trace it. For this drawing, that is exactly what I used. This first circle will be the head.

Next draw a larger circle. This larger circle will become the body. The larger circle should be positioned directly below the smaller head circle. The two circles should overlap.

Now that all the hard work is done lets add details to this cartoon drawing of a sheep.

step 2 Step 2 - The Head
Make ears by drawing two rectangle shapes on each side of the head. The eyes should be placed above the middle of the circle.

Draw diagonal lines going from the eyes toward the middle of the circle to make the nose. Draw another two diagonal lines near the bottom of the circle to show the mouth. Connect the nose lines and the mouth line.


Step 3Step 3 - Arms & Hands
This sheep has really simple arms and legs - they're just lines!

Draw one diagonal line coming out of each side of the sheep. This first line will make the upper arm. Draw another line to make the lower arm. You can position the arms any way you like - for this drawing I've put the sheep's hands on his hips.

Start the hands with a circle. Add smaller ovals to the circle to make fingers.

Step 4Step 4 - Legs and Feet
Just one last part to finish and you're done. Just like the arms the legs are just lines. If you look closely at the drawing you can see that the top of the leg joints (upper leg, and lower leg) is a little thicker than the bottom. This is done on purpose to make the leg look more interesting.

Once you have finished your legs, draw some rectangles to make the feet. I know that real sheep have hooves, but this is a cartoon - we're free to break all the rules we want to!

There you have it - you should now have a nice cute cartoon drawing of a sheep. See you next time!


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