How to Draw a Cartoon Donkey

cartoon donkey drawing

This simple cartoon donkey is a lot of fun to make so you can get your pencils out and get started!

cartoon donkey drawing st1

Step 1 - Make the donkey's head and body

Make a circle. Now make a circular square below it in the proportions shown in the example.

Be careful about the proportions and the placement of the circle as well as the circular square because the circle will eventually make the head and the square will be the main body of the donkey.

cartoon donkey drawing st2


Step 2 - Joining the body and making one ear

In this step you must join the two shapes of the head and body with two curved lines so that the shape of the neck can be seen. Notice the line on the front part of the neck has a little bit more of a curve to it than the line for the back of the neck.

Finish off this step by adding a long, skinny ear on top of the head-something like the shape of a sword.


cartoon donkey drawing st3 Step 3 - The Cartoon Donkey's Mane.

Here you make the mane of the donkey and the second ear. How you will go about it is like this...

Make a line coming from the top of the cartoon donkey's body at the side of the neck going up. Then Make a pointed end at the end of this line and join up with the long ear. After that the mane continues towards the front top of the head.

Then you can make the other ear in lines as shown in the example. Try and make this shape on your own. If you are having trouble - remember to break it down into the most simple shapes and lines, and then draw those.

cartoon donkey drawing st4

Step 4 - The basic shape of the cartoon donkey's face becomes clear!

Make a smaller circle at the side of the face circle you created way back in step #1 and then join them with a couple of lines. This will create the muzzle of your cartoon donkey.

Now you come to the bigger circle -the face circle and from the outer lower part of that circle make a small curve, like shown in the example. What it is for? You will know in the next step :)


cartoon donkey drawing st5 Step 5 - The face and the mane are complete

In this step you must erase all the extra lines in the face circle so that the shape is clear, and you can see that the small curve was for the jaw of the donkey. Also remove the extra lines in the neck as well.

After this add a small oval for the nostril in the small circle of the muzzle, and then add a closed semi circle in the face for the eyes. The face of the donkey is done!

Next you can move to the mane of the donkey and add a few small lines there as shown in the example.


cartoon donkey drawing st6

Step 6 - Finishing off your Cartoon Donkey

Make a bunch of thin lines at the back part of the body of the donkey for the tail.

After that, make four separate lines at the lower part of the belly of the donkey to make the four legs (one will be curved to show the lifted front leg of the donkey).

Please refer to the example for the sizes and placement of these lines. All of these four lines will have a kind of oval/circle at the end to denote the hoof of the donkey! Your adorable goofy donkey is complete.


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