Cartoon Clouds You Can Use

Here are four different examples of cartoon clouds that you can use in your own drawings. I think the shapes are easy enough and it's not worth writing a full tutorial about this topic because it's easy to copy.

Pay close attention to the outline of the drawings. I usually start my own drawings with yhe outline. I lightly sketch an outline which is often made up of several circles laid on top of each other. Once I have the basic outline I might go in and add some more details like swirly lines as you'll see in some of the examples below.

cartoon clouds 1

Example 1 - Zelda Style Decorative Cloud

I first saw clouds like this in the video game Zelda: The Wind Walker and I thought that they were really cool. Actually the entire style of the game is totally awesome and if you haven't played this one I suggest you pick it up and pop it in your GameCube or Wii. The new Zelda: Phantom Hourglass game for the DS also has this cool cartoon style.

cartoon clouds 2

Example 2 - Simple Bubbly Clouds

This cloud shape is easy to see how to draw it for yourself. I started with the outline and then later went back and made some of the outer lines thicker. Notice that the lines become thicker as they get near the bottom. Overall when you're drawing like this it's good to keep in mind that you want to keep them as simple and clean as possible.

cartoon clouds 3


Example 3 - Another Decorative Cloud

These clouds are drawn the same way as the ones in the first example. The only real difference here is that the curly decorative parts are a lot thinner in this picture.


cartoon clouds 4Example 4 - A Generic Cloud

This cloud is very similar to the example to simple bubbly cloud above. To make this cloud start off by drawing the top shape with rounded curves or with circles. Usually I'll take part of the cloud and extended horizontally as you can see in the left part of this picture along the bottom. The very bottom of the cloud is just a straight line.

Feel free to incorporate any of these cartoon clouds into their own drawings and don't forget to look at other examples from other artists and try incorporating those different styles into your own cartoons.

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