How to Draw Stylish
& Cute Cartoon Cats

cartoon cats final

cartoon elephant st1

Step 1 - The Head and Body

Cartoon cats, like a lot of other lessons on this site we'll start off with general shapes and draw the head and body. Make sure that your body lines are curved and that your head is really huge. Got it? It's move onto the next step.

cartoon cats st2


Step 2 - More Basic Shapes

Start off by drawing a curve for the top of the eye. You may need to try drawing this part several times before you get one that looks just right. Don't worry if you need to draw it a couple times because if the eyes look bad then the whole character is going to look bad - so it's worth it to get it right. Once you have the curve on the top of the eye then draw the curve along the bottom of the eye. I find it easier to draw eyes in two steps like this so don't try and draw the entire eye in one motion.

Draw some lines coming out of the top of the body to make the arms. Notice that they go from thin to thick; this helps give the drawing a more cartoon feeling.

Now draw a curve at the bottom of the body for the legs.

cartoon cats st3Step 3 - Adding in Lots of Detail

Add a jagged line to connect the two ears along the top of the head. Now draw some curves along the top of the eye for the eyelashes. Make an oval inside of each eye for the pupil of the eye. It might be a little bit tough to get the pupil to look correct but if you're drawing lightly you can try drawing it a few times to make it look as good as possible before moving on.

Add a rounded triangle between the eyes for the nose. It should be really small to make it extra cute.

The hands should be easy because they are just square shapes that are connected together. Look closely at the example image and you should have no problem drawing these easy hands.

Draw a strip to the middle of the body where the cat's fur will be colored differently. Cartoon cats always need a tail so don't forget to add in this part. If you're having trouble drawing the curve for the tail think of it like an "S" that has been stretched a little bit.

cartoon cats st4Step 4 - Finishing Up

To finish the head draw some lines on the inside of the ear, then make circles in the eyes for a highlight and add two small curved lines to the bottom of the nose for the mouth.

Draw two circles on the palms.

Add another line to the tail. This line should almost follow the first line exactly but as it gets towards the end it should get much thicker. This thickness in the tail really helps add to the cartoon style of this cat.

Finish off the feet with simple curves that go from the bottom of the legs and are connected by a straight line along the bottom of the foot.

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