How to Draw a Cuddly Cartoon Bear

cartoon bear drawing

This cartoon bear is both fun and simple to draw.  Just get your pencil, paper and an eraser and then follow along with the step by step lesson below. He has a very simple construction so you should have no problem bringing him to life on your own no matter what you think your drawing skill might be.  Once you're done the lesson, feel free to try drawing him again and posing his simple hands in different positions and giving him a different expression on his face to create different drawings of this same bear.

cartoon bear drawing st1

Step 1

To start this cartoon bear drawing first make a big circle for the head and then leave a little space below that and draw a small oval for the body.  Follow the step one example for the exact proportion and placement of the head and the body.


cartoon bear drawing st2

Step 2

Draw two half circles that look kind of like a moon shape along each side of the head circle to make the cheeks of the bear.

Then, on top of each of the semi circles attach smaller circles that will be used to create the ears of the bear.
The last thing to add for this step is two slightly curving lines joining the head and the body shapes together and this will take care of the neck of the bear.

cartoon bear drawing st3
Step 3

Draw two smaller circles within the ear circles to complete the drawing of the ear.

Then we remove the extra lines from the face circle and in the centre of that head shape you'll want to draw what looks like an upside down “U” for the muzzle of the bear.  We'll add in the nose and mouth to this area in the following steps.

Now we remove the extra lines from the body of the bear, and add the curving lines to make the two hands and the two feet of the bear. 

It might seem like a lot was added in this step, but just take it one shape at a time and compare step 3 to step 2 so you can clearly see what has been changed.

cartoon bear drawing st4

Step 4

In this step make two small circles in the face of the cartoon bear to make the two eyes and then draw two curving lines on top of them for the eyebrows.

A little oval in the muzzle area and the nose is done.
Then you should draw another upside down “U” shape in the lower body of the bear to show the stomach.


cartoon bear drawing st5
Step 5

You're almost done! Add two little ovals below the eyes to create the cheeks – this will help make the cartoon bear extra cute.  Then draw a small curve for the smiling mouth.

A little “X” in the centre of the stomach will be for the belly button and then make the small little toes on the feet with more upside down “U” shapes.

The cute little teddy bear is ready for you!!


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