How to Draw a Cartoon Bat

cartoon bat final

This simple cartoon bat is very easy to make and you are going to love the end result! Get out your drawing tools and keep reading below.

cartoon bat step 1

STEP-1: Shape of the face
Make a circle. Now add a half semi circle on the lower part of the circle to make an oval. Check the example so that the proportions are correct.
The basic shape of the face of the bat is complete.

cartoon bat step 2

STEP-2: Making the ears of the bat
Now you will make the ears of the bat. Make two rounded triangles on top of the head of the bat, like shown. They should be on either side of the top of the head.
Now make two smaller triangles inside the bigger ones and the ears of your bat are complete.

cartoon bat step 3

STEP-3: Making the wings
In this step you must first erase the extra lines in the face like in the example, so that the oval of the bat face is clear.
Then just below the ears draw two lines like how you make mountains in scenery, on either sides of the face. These will form the base for the bat's wings.


cartoon bat step 4STEP-4: Finishing he wings and the feet
The mountains that you have made in the last step will now be converted into the wings. On the outer edge of each of the mountain shapes draw some zigzag lines like shown in the example and bring these zigzag lines to the edge of the face, so the wing looks complete.
Both the wings of your cute little bat are finished and your drawing should be coming along nicely.

Now you can come to the lower part of the oval of the face and body where you will draw two lines jutting out towards the ground. Add three smaller lines to the bottom of the lines you just drew to create the two small feet of this cute cartoon bat.

cartoon bat step 5STEP-5: Making the facial features
This is the last step and you will finish off the facial features of the bat. First, make two circles for the eyes with two smaller circles within them to make the eyeballs. Above each eye draw a semi circle to make the eyebrows.

Lastly Then we come to the two small little ovals below the eyes that will be the rosy cheeks of the bat!
After that is the little semi circle for the mouth and a triangle for the nose and the face of the bat is done.

Now you can sit back and see how you went about completing this cute little cartoon bat.


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