How to Draw Bubble Letters

Adding bubble letters to your cartoon drawings is easier than you may think, so read on and find out how you can add some flair to the lettering in your artwork.

To start off print any word that comes to mind. In the example here I use the word bubble. Try to print as cleanly as you can because in the next step will add thickness to your word and it will be easier to see the differences between the two of them if you're in lettering is easy to read.

bubble lettering step 1

Print your word again exactly as you did in the first step. Once you've printed it, then start to draw over top of the individual letters making them thicker. Draw loosely and keep making them thicker. What you should now have is a type of bubble letter.

Notice the differences between the first word that you drew and the second one. If you're not sure what I mean then take a look at the example image here.

Now you're starting to understand how to draw these letters let's look a little bit further into a specific example.

bubble lettering

bubble letters step 2The first "B" is printed regularly. The arrows show that it has sharp edges and the lines connect together in the middle.

The second "B" is really just an outline. Notice that the sharp edges are gone and they are now rounded. The point where the lines connect in the middle has also been changed. All of this helps add to the roundness of the letters.

The third "B" is completed by adding small circles in the middle to finish it off.

To keep learning about this I would suggest that you print out all of the letters of the alphabet from A to Z and then go through the three step process just like the above example until you become familiar with this style of drawing.

Some of the letters might be a little bit tricky to draw at first like A, R, B, S, Q but once you've practiced them a few times you should be able to draw them without any problems.

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