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New Drawing Lessons Up!
September 20, 2010

Just Draw It - New Lessons Up
September 20, 2010

Hi - Mitch here from,

My summer was amazing, and I hope yours was too! I was lucky enough to get to China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and visit my family up in Canada before finally returning back to Los Angeles. It was a very busy summer.

But, we're back at it now adding more lessons to the site (we'll get to that in a moment) and working on something new - we'll just call it "Project: Cartoon Mayhem" for right now. We're in the last stages of putting it all together and I was wondering if you could take 2 minutes out of your busy day to make sure that nothing has been left out of the course.

I've put up a page where you can put in exactly what you want to learn, and there's literally only 3 questions to answer (and two of them are multiple choice - so it's totally quick and easy).

Survey: Project: Cartoon Mayhem

I don't want to spill the beans on this one just yet, but you'll be hearing a lot more about it shortly.


Announcement - New Newsletter Host:

This isn't really exciting news, but it's important - In the next day or two you will be getting an email with the subject "Response Required: Newsletter"

I've decided to finally move the newsletter over to a new host that gives us better service, and in the end should give you a better experience. When you get this email just open it and click the link in the message and that's all you need to do.

Now, let's get back to the Drawing updates!


In the Works:

Without saying too much, there's something HUGE brewing over here in the lab. I think you'll all be pretty happy with it as it takes all of the good things from the current site, adds in a couple cool new things and just brings your experience of learning to draw cartoons to a whole new level. I'll be releasing more info later in the week - I think you're going to love this one - Project: Cartoon Mayhem is really going to be epic.


Around the Net:

This month I want to introduce you to All About that's run by Kerry Godsall . She's got a nice site that provides drawing lessons, but with a more realistic style, so if you're looking to for some new material to go over then I recommend that you go and check out her site:

All About


New Tutorials:

Here's a bunch more Cartoon Animals that you can have fun working through. I won't go into details here - just click the link and you should be good to go!


Handy Links:

FAQ: Got a Question? It's likely answered right here! Drawing Faq
Search: Having trouble finding something on the site? Check here! Drawing Search
Blog: Want to quickly see what's new on the site? Drawing Blog


Question of the Month:

There's no question this month, but if you can take a second to go checkout the survey mentioned above that would be great!

Here's the link if you need it again: Survey: Project: Cartoon Mayhem


Best wishes for your artistic success!


Mitch Bowler











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