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How not to Become a Caricature Artist!
March 06, 2009

Just Draw It - How not to Become a Caricature Artist!
March 06, 2009

I'm off on the road in about a week moving to Los Angeles to take a job as a technical art director at one of the world's largest video game studios, and I have been going through my stuff and trying to decide what to take and what to leave. It's always a bit surprising what you will find when you go through your old stuff. This time I found some of the old caricature work that I did last year...

...If you've read through the caricature section you may remember reading about an ill fated night when I was hired to do "portrait drawing" for a promotional event, and it turned out that they actually wanted caricature drawing! I thought I would be sitting and taking my time creating realistic portraits, but they wanted quick three to five minute cartoony sketches! I was totally unprepared and to make a long story short, it was just short of being a complete disaster, but it really got me interested in learning about and improving my caricature drawing.

Anyway, I put some of the sketches from that night up online and if you're interested you can read the whole story, but it's a little embarrassing so please don't post the link around anywhere

- this is really for your eyes only!

How not to Become a Caricature Artist!


From the Mailroom:

Hi Coach,

I love drawing, but my problem is that i could not improved my style to draw. so please send me some techniques on how to draw. thanks...


Hi Jaycer,

You wrote me about improving your style as an artist. There are a few articles on that, and what I suggest is that you use the search function here to get the latest and most updated lessons:

I hope this helps you improve the style of your drawings. Style is one of the hardest things I find, and it is something that comes with more practice.
I forget who made this quote but it went something like this "There is nothing more pitiful than an artist who has yet to find his voice" which is also really true about an artist who is struggling to find his style.

I wish you the best of luck.




In the Works:

I'm still working on creating a new course, but I haven't said a whole lot about it yet because I need to get your input to help shape the course to cover almost everything that you need it to. It's going to be about how to draw great looking faces and I promise the whole thing is going to be a whole lot of fun. Read more below in the question of the month, or hop over to the survey now and let me know what you are looking to learn. The survey is at the bottom of the caricature story above, but you can get to it directly by clicking here.


Around the Net:

Mitch MangaWhile I was working in Shanghai one day at the studio almost all of the artists changed their MSN messenger pictures to these cool cartoon style icons like the one you see beside this post. It's really well made and it doesn't matter if you are male or female you should be able to make something that really looks like you.

Create your Own Manga Portrait

You will need to provide them with your email once you have created your avatar, but it's all totally free unless you for some reason want to print out the image, but rather than do that, I'd say just draw your own!



New Tutorials:

Cartoon Wolf - Walk through step by step and learn how to draw an angry cartoon wolf.

How to Draw Cats - Follow through the steps of learning how to draw a cute cartoon cat.

Drawing Roses - Learn about how to approach a complex shape like a rose. This lesson will not only teach you about rose drawing, but should also expand the way that you are able to see and plan your drawings.

Cartoon Rabbit - Another cute cartoon animal for you to draw!


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FAQ: Got a Question? It's likely answered right here! Drawing Faq

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Blog: Want to quickly see what's new on the site? Drawing Blog



Question of the Month:

I'd like you to help me shape the new training course that's in the works.

What you really want to know about drawing faces and caricatures? Click here to let me know!


As always - Best wishes for your artistic success!


Mitch Bowler











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