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Just Draw It, Issue #08 -- Free Video Course
June 15, 2008

Just Draw It, Issue #8 -- Figure Drawing Course is Live!
June 15, 2008

First of all I want to wish all the fathers out there a very happy Father's Day. I hope you have a great day!

Now, on to business....

This is Very Cool – A Completely Free Video Drawing Course

A little while back we had a survey and a lot of you took the time to tell me exactly what you want to learn. From that survey it was clear that the three most important things to the newsletter readers were:

How to draw faces, figure drawing and shading and coloring.

In response to this I've created a free video course that deals with exactly these subjects. This is something totally new for because we're going to go much more in depth into these subjects than we've ever gone before and once you're finished going through the training and homework (yes, there's even homework sheets to make sure that you really learn and understand all of the lessons) you should notice a huge difference in your drawing ability when it comes to drawing the human head.

I looked online, and there is nothing like this out there for free. Let me tell you a little more about this and why you should be excited – I know I am!

If you don’t want to wait – go ahead and watch the video now!

Who this Free Drawing Course is for

This drawing course is appropriate for any skill level of artist. You'll start right at the beginning and learn how to construct the face using simple shapes and measurements. This approach to drawing the face means that anyone can follow it even if you consider yourself the most beginner artist. Once we've covered the basics we will start to get into more intermediate and advanced instruction for the human head by building on the simple step-by-step lessons in the beginning.

Do you Need to Buy Something with the Course?

No, not at all. This video course is something I've wanted to do for a long time and I'm happy that you guys took the time to fill out the survey and show me what you wanted so that I can focus on giving you the lessons that will have the biggest impact on your drawing ability. The entire course is free. By the time it's finished I imagine that there will be nearly two hours of video training dedicated to these speciic topics with the goal of giving you the knowledge you need to make a real artistic breakthrough, just as I did many years ago studying the same material.

The only thing that you need to do to get the full course is to enter your e-mail address and name underneath the video. This way you will get the updates and additional free material about the course that's focused entirely on figure drawing. I would like to tell you more, but I think by going and watching the video you’ll understand why I’m so excited about this!

Go watch the Video Now!

In Other News…. The New Site Design is Under Construction

Over the next few weeks you'll probably notice that the site will change slightly. When you go to check out the video course you'll see the updated design and notice a little graphic on the right-hand side saying "what's cool" so that whenever you come to this site you can see what items you should be checking out.

That’s it for this month – I really hope you guys get a lot out of the video course, and don’t forget to sign up so that you’ll get the entire course delivered to your email box over the next few weeks.

Best Wishes,

Mitch Bowler











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