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Just Draw It, #6 - Massive Updates... and I Need your Help!
April 10, 2008

Just Draw It, Issue #6 -- Massive Updates... and I Need Your Help!
April 10, 2008

It's been a while since I've sent out a newsletter - the last few months have been absolutely nuts! The good news is that there have been lots of updates to the site, with a bunch of new lessons, so if you haven't been back to the site in a while go check em' out.

But before you rush off to see the cool new lessons and video I would like to ask a favor of you...

Can you Help Me Out?

I would like to know from you guys what you want kind of drawing lessons you want to see next. What can I do that's going to make the biggest impact in your development as an artist?

I've created a simple page here where you can easily submit your vote and let me know what you want to see. It'll only take a minute, and this is your best chance to tell me what kind of info you need.

I'm thinking about doing a free course next month, and the results of this survey will likely play a big part in helping me decide what kind of course is needed most.

Click Here to Cast your Vote!


Updates and Drawing Lessons Galore!

As I said above I've been busy and added a lot more lessons to the site. Here are the highlights...

    Some of the key updates you should check out are:
  • A new video lesson to the caricatures section - because so many people have requested it. I hope you like this video - it's back to basics and I have a much better way to clearly show the drawing process - This is the best video yet!
  • the cartoon animals has a bunch of new tutorials.
  • The drawing software section has been updated with some killer new FREE software that anyone can use.


From the Mail room

Which software is the best to learn if I want to go to Design school?

I would suggest that you learn Photoshop (image editing) and Illustrator (vector images/design) as well as possibly Flash (Animation for the web) and Dreamweaver (websites).

I started with Photoshop and Dreamweaver personally and then later moved onto flash and eventually Illustrator.
There's so much software out there but at least start to get a handle on Photoshop.
Just learning that one piece of software will help you learn the others more quickly.


Wrapping Up

That's it for this month, please do take a minute to go and fill out the survey. Right now it's only open to newsletter readers like you because I want to give newsletter subscribers the highest priority to get the information they need most. This is your chance to raise your hand and get exactly what you want.

In a week I will be opening the survey up to the public to get their feedback as well. So act fast as I will only be able to give your request preferential treatment if you submit within the next 7 days. After the week is up the results will be mixed in with the regular visitors to the site, so I won't be able to tell the regular visitors from the newsletter subscribers.

Cast your Vote Today!


Best Wishes for your Artistic Development!


Mitch Bowler











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