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Just Draw It, Issue #7 -- Free Figure Drawing Lessons
May 01, 2008

Just Draw It, Issue #7 -- Survey Results and Free Figure Drawing Lessons
May 1, 2008

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone that took the time to fill out the survey. It's really helped me to know what kind of new drawing lessons you're all looking for.

Here are the top three requests from the survey last month:

-- shading and coloring
-- figure drawing
-- portrait drawing

New lessons are in the works for all three of these topics and I'm really starting to get excited about these lessons! They’re going to be awesome!


The Ultimate Figure Drawing Lessons

If you want to learn figure drawing I've found the ultimate teacher for you. I've been going through these lessons myself and I must say that the results have been spectacular and I've also seen other artists go through this material and greatly improve their figure drawing ability.

There's a teacher named Riven Phoenix who is released an amazing 43 hours worth of video entirely on the subject of drawing figures. He's even released a lot of these videos via YouTube totally FREE, but if you are serious about learning how to draw figures then I suggest that you get his DVD training, which is a total steal at only $45 and will give you clearer images that are easier to see.

From my firsthand experience I can say that this really is the best figure drawing education out there and you should at least check out the YouTube videos if nothing else.

To see the free tutorials on YouTube you can go here.

For more information on ordering the DVDs you can check out Riven's blog here.


From the Mailroom:

Each month there are a lot of requests asking for permission to use the drawings from the drawing website in student or teacher projects and here's my response:

I'd like to personally invite anyone who wishes to use any of the images from the website to freely use them as long as you are not intending to resell the images in any way. The only thing that I ask in return is that you show me whatever cool project are working on once you're finished it, and if anyone asks to tell them that you got the image from the website – that’s it!

I always love to see the creative ways do you guys use the images -- it really puts a smile on my face.


Wrapping Up

This month will see some big changes to the website including a new design and the search function to help you find the tutorials that you need easier. There's also a larger secret project in the works as a result of the survey that I think you'll all be happy with!

If you took a survey and asked me some questions but have yet to receive a personal response, you should be getting an e-mail from me in the next few days. I've written back to almost everyone already but there were so many questions from you guys I'm just now getting to the end of them! Thanks again so much for your support.


Yours truly,


Mitch Bowler











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